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Biola Organic Skin Care  

BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. is the first certified organic cosmetics producer in Hungary.

BIOLA Organic Cosmetics Ltd. was originally founded as BIOMED in 1990 by current CEO and lead developer, Dr. Viola Gyovai, PhD. At that time, the company undertook research and development for other companies. In 2007, under the name of Biola Naturcosmetics, it started developing its own high quality natural and organic cosmetics. Key stakeholders are CEO and Head Developer Dr. Viola Gyovai, microbiologist in cosmetics for over 28 years and Candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Science.

BIOLA Organic Skin Care is certified by BIOKONTROLL Hungaria Nonprofit Ltd., and therefore free of chemicals, synthetic preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers, genetic modification. Our certified premium quality assures over 95% organic herbal ingredients in our skin care line, with more than 70% for shampoos and shower gels.



Housing a wide range of cleansers, tonics, peeling, moisturizers, eye care, sun care, body care, hair care, baby care, etc., BIOLA is constantly experimenting in creating cost effective products for people to use, both at home and in the spas and salons.

  • There products contain agricultural ingredients originating from certified organic farms.
  • All products contain natural colouring additives.
  • Only preservatives allowed for organic cosmetic products are used in our products in order to maintain the proper microbiological condition.
  • No synthetic chelators (EDTA salts) are used.
  • No petrochemical/mineral oil industry ingredients are used in our products (E.g. paraffin oil, mineral oil, paraffin, ceramicrocristallinum).
  • No GMO (Generically modified organisms and its derivatives) ingredients are applied in our products.
  • No synthetic sun blocking materials are used.
  • No aluminium salts are used (E.g. in deodorants).
  • No radioactive/ionizing radiation is used for obtaining so called preservative free status, not even for sterilization.

My Beauty Cottage is the exclusive distributor of BIOLA Organic Skin Care products in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
We are interested in finding partners for face and body care products for professional and home use. For retailing for home use, we are also looking for organic shops or pharmacies.

We are looking for retailers, beauticians as well as spas or beauty salons for our high quality products. For more information, please contact us here.