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My best facial experience! Perfect service with relaxing ambiance. And not to forget, they have the best organic products I've ever tried! Thank you so much Éminence!
~ Jieyi Lim

I tried the Bright Skin Facial Treatment today and it was an absolute dream! It was such a pleasant experience from start to finish, thanks to the ever so lovely and skilled therapist, Mun Yee. The extractions were well done, the products used were soothing, and the massage felt incredible. Can't wait until my next treatment!
~ Julia Low

My first facial experience in My Beauty Cottage is totally amazing.
Once I stepped into the salon, they gave me the feeling of
"bringing me back home". They are no doubt professionals.
I ♥ it here because, it's not only a "home" for you.
Perhaps, the beauty therapist here are friends
who are willing to share their beauty
knowledge and joy with us here. =)
~ Yoonkheen Chin

Just had body massage and tea break facial
here and the experience was truly lovely and calming to the core!
Went for Apricot Hydrating Treatment tea-break facial
and the aroma from the products used was extremely divine.
Going through the different stages of products used was like being
enveloped in series nectar of from various heavenly scent fruits..
it was simply yummy! Mimosa Body Massage
was like pure indulgence much needed for stressful souls.
I chose mild pressure massage and was lulled to deep
relaxing shut-eye in no time.
I certainly recommend these spa experiences
to anyone in need of TLC and heavenly indulgence!
~ Islah Ishak

I'm seriously in love with the eminence products.
After getting done with my first facial treatment
and three weeks of continuous usage of the products,
I feel a changeon my face.
I feel awesome and great about it!
I love my beauty cottage, it is such a relaxing place,
the beauticians are nice and humble,
last but not least, the products! ♥
~ Aeries Rei

Tried the moisturiser and the hydrating mist really healed my serious
nose skin peeling. and enjoyed doing make up here with the rest.
such a relaxing place.
~ Shenesse Chieng

Had a great relaxing facial treatment experience here. Liked
the products ad try smell great.Grace was awesome. Gentle 'waking'
service with subtle touches on the shoulders and a leg massage
whilst bring me back frm slumber. :)!
~ Amy Goh

♥ the pink grapefruit clarifying masque! it makes my skin clean!
the scent is refreshing too ♥
~ Ivy Chang

Tried Sweet Red Rose Calming Treatment, feel awesome......
good massage & reduce my skin redness....
next target to try Eminence Calm Skin Treatment!!!
~ Fanny Tan Geok Peng

Thumbs up for the service and good environment!
Facial treament is awesome!Keep it up~
~ Wanyin Chan

I have been consuming organic food since year 2002.
By eating organic, my family's and my health has improved
tremendously. All these while, I have been searching
for a facial beauty centre which uses organinc product too.
Finally, I found "My Beauty Cottage" in 1U by accident.
Before this, I have been going for facial
at many famous beauty centers but every time during facial,
I get uncomfortable because of the synthetic fragrance.
Four months ago,I started my facial wash
at "My Beauty Cottage",I have all compliments to
their products and their service too.
I look forward coming to this place every time
~ Joan Yong

I started using eminence products in oct 2010
for my sensitive with breakouts all over faces.
After treating two mth, sensitive skin is gone
n less breakouts.Anyone should try it.
The stone crop gel wash is very good for sensitive skin
n oily skin cos making skin totally clean
n feel smooth after washing.
~ Tan Chew Yaw

Had a very excellent experiance at my beauty cottage,
facial, shoulder and lip treatment. Evidently,
I chose the sweet cheeks hydrating treatment and
which boost of strawberry and it just leaves me feeling and
smelling sooo berrylicious.
The lip treatment is something new for me
as I've never done it before and I've never had a more kissable lips!
The best thing is that it's all organic! Absolutely love it!
~ Azrene Malik

Just had a body treatment at the Mount Kiara branch.
Was fabulous - my skin is so soft, massage was lovely
and I couldn't believe the two hours was up so fast. Very relaxed.
Also had a facial a month ago and it was great as well.
My skin was radiant for days!!
~ Kylie Adams

Just had facial... 2 hours of absolute bliss!!!!!!
I couldn't believe the end of the treatment came so fast.
My skin feels amazing, and I am so relaxed!
This is what a facial is supposed to be like, and the best part,
is all the products are 100% natural.
I am glowing and so is my skin, thank you so very much,
I will be back, and I will bring friends!
~ Lyndall Rixon

Nowadays people go for organic vege & fruits...
It's time for us to go for organic skin care products too,
if you've sensitive skin type try to use the EMINENCE product
the result is significant!
~ Ken Lee

[轻] 抚体贴您的肌肤
[柔] 和呵护您的容颜
[细] 心关心您的需要
~ Val. Yiin Valenice

~ Stubird Lemon

~ Catherine Lim